P.O.P.N (Product Of People’s Neglect)

P.O.P.N cover art212800

This CD, is my heart and my soul. I grew up off of Hip Hop and poverty.I’ve seen alot of hurt and pain in my life. I gave in, was depressed, addicted, outcast, and just not productive to myself or others. I found strength through the love & support of alot of people & powers dear to me. If you feel hurt, disgusted, helpless, or just not happy with life as a whole, I pray this CD here, helps you gain control. This is my dark, my neagativety, my past, my pain………my anchor, lifted from the depths, allowing me to do this for every single person regardless of race,religion,sex, etc. Honestly I dont care what someone’s details are, if “anyone” feels low, I hope this can add a little “pep in yo step”.

Thank You for all your support, I Love Yall

“YOU keep making it, I’LL keep making it”

– Boo-ker Blahzay


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